In the beginning, Roddenberry created Star Trek;
and behold, it was good.

Welcome... to The Omega Quadrant's Beginner's Guide to Star Trek. This is the second edition of the Beginner's Guide, which I hope is more presentable and easier to navigate. Although the seasoned Trek fan will find valuable and well-organized information here, I created this feature specifically with the Star Trek newbie in mind. If you haven't been here before, I suggest beginning your tour by clicking on the Introduction selection in the left menu bar.

I placed the following icons on the subsequent pages to help you get around:

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Here's a brief synopsis of each section of the Beginner's Guide to Star Trek:

WelcomeThis page...

IntroductionIntro gabber about Trek

Gene RoddenberryA brief bio of Star Trek's creator

What is a Trekkie?What type of Star Trek fan are you?

The Original SeriesThe TV series where it all began

The Animated SeriesThe short-lived cartoon episodes

MoviesProduction notes on the nine (so far) Star Trek movies

The Next GenerationSeven wonderful years of Captain Jean Luc Picard & Co.

Deep Space NineStar Trek on a space station

VoyagerA Star Trek crew 'lost in space'

LinksSome of the web's Trek gems

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So go ahead and take a tour of the Beginner's Guide ...
Enjoy -- and thanks for visiting!

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