There is some confusion over what to call a Star Trek fan. A word of caution is in order here, since using the wrong moniker could merit at least a sharp retort, and at worst a blast from a phaser set on stun. Perhaps Denise Crosby's "Trekkies" documentary --> resolves the mysteries? The following Trek fan definitions are the best I've come across thus far:

TREKKIES: Extremely serious fans, recognizable by their ability to tell you what happened on a particular Stardate, having shamelessly donned a Star Trek costume at some point, and possessing at least one autographed picture from a Star Trek actor
TREKKERS: Very serious fans, able to name an episode within it's first 5 seconds, have a Communicator attached to their key ring, and if they don't already, would love to have an autographed picture from a Star Trek actor 

NOTE: Unlike TREKKERS, I found that a true TREKKIE would never have a Communicator attached to their key ring!

TREKOPHILES: Fans who simply like the show, and if pressed, would most likely admit they know when it's on what TV channel in their local area 

NOTE: I also discovered that a true TREKOPHILE would never have a Communicator attached to their key ring, but for different reasons than a TREKKIE...


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