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My PC ...
(or "Windows? We don't need no stinking Windows!")

I work with PCs and networking, so they're necessarily a big part of my life.

For those who know me well, I am no fan of the evil WinTel empire. I'm convinced that Microsoft still engages in some despicable monopolistic practices (your PC most likely runs a Microsoft operating system, your browser is probably IE, your productivity software is probably Office, your audio/video product is probably Windows Media Player, your chat software Windows Messenger, your video games are on an XBox, etc., etc.).

For this reason, I try my best to use and recommend non-Windows products. You can research your own alternative software by using a good downloadable software website like or Tucows:

Here's the kicker-- if you wanted, you can get quality, legally FREE software to meet all your computing needs

(this list was created 9/05):

  • Operating System: You could always buy an Apple; I still think they're GREAT machines. But for the PC, there are many flavors of Linux and other freely available operating systems available. I've used RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware, and most recently Ubuntu brands of Linux. I find that I can do anything on my Linux boxes EXCEPT run Quickbooks. As soon as Intuit gets its act together and releases a Linux version of Quickbooks, I may never use Windows again (oh the blasphemy!)...
  • Productivity software: You DON'T need to spend big bucks on Microsoft Office to make office compatible word processing, spreadsheet, or slideshow documents. OpenOffice can create documents compatible with MS Office programs, and it's free! StarOffice is another good, free office productivity suite.
  • Browsers: Firefox and Opera are free and BETTER than Internet Explorer-- promise.
  • Audio/Video: I recommend Winamp, but there are tons of great free audio and video playing/recording software products out there. (See above for search options.)
  • Chat: AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and now Google Messenger-- all available for free
  • Anti-virus: AVast is free for home users.

If you'd like help finding alternative software, drop me a message and I'll be glad to help.


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