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Robert Anson Heinlein has been called "the standard" of contemporary science fiction writers. Required reading for many U.S. High School students, Stranger In a Strange Land relegated Heinlein as an archetypal science fiction author for an entire generation. With the release of the major motion picture Starship Troopers in 1997 (named after and loosely based on one of his Hugo-winning books), perhaps this next generation will finally give Heinlein the full accreditation he deserves.

He was born in 1907 in Missouri, and grew up in Kansas City. RAH had a great love for astronomy, which endured through his training at Annapolis and service in the U.S. Navy. Due to pulmonary tuberculosis, Heinlein left the service in 1934, when he began to write his many works of science fiction. He passed away in 1988 at the age of 80 in California. Follow this link --> for a detailed biography and Heinlein time line.

With four Hugo Awards under his belt, Robert A. Heinlein holds the record in the 'Best Novel' category: Double Star (1956), Starship Troopers (1960), Stranger in a Strange Land (1962), and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1967). Check out this link --> for a complete bibliography, and there's a great FAQ --> here.

I find it interesting that Heinlein was the first writer to tap most, if not all, of the themes of today's popular science fiction. In his body of works we find the premises for the likes of "X-Files", "Millenium", and "Space - Above and Beyond". And it would also appear that RAH originally conceived the idea of our beloved Star Trek Federation. The fact is that his writings are unfathomably rich and broad in scope. There is so much yet untapped in his works, as fans of the video sci-fi genre we have a lot to look forward to as producers, directors, and writers begin to "discover" Heinlein's material.

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"Women will forgive anything...Otherwise the race would have died out long ago." --Robert A. Heinlein

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