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My Sci-Fi/Spirituality Crossroads

I think when we consider the core essence of our interests in things scientific, science fiction, or fantasy, we'll find within us a potent, innate hunger for the "something more" in life. From the start, exploring the sciences and sci fi for me coincided with considerations of theological issues. All of these arenas deal with issues of meaning and purpose, and all challenge our imaginations to wonder about the "what else" and the "what more" of our existence.

So, I present to you this brief reflection on my theological journey as perhaps a challenge for your own deliberations in the world of the "something more".

Since I learned to read I was a fan of science fact, fantasy, and fiction. Some of the books I remember reading in 1st grade were childrens' books on Astronomy and The Human Body. I often seemed a nuisance to my Sunday school teachers for asking things like how dinosaurs fit into the Bible, and if people on other planets knew about Jesus. Being exposed to Darwinism in the 9th grade pretty much destroyed any faith I had in a God, leading me to adopt the attitude that God was merely a crutch for weak people. But at the same time, I became increasingly fascinated with metaphysics: Psychic Powers; Pyramid Power; Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Astronaut, and UFO-type phenomenon; and Transcendental Meditation (I wanted so badly to be able to astral project...)

That's where I was at age 17 when I read Hal Lindsey's The Late, Great Planet Earth. Hey, it was a book about prophecy, and I believed there could be secrets about our past and future buried in the stories of the Bible. After all, couldn't Moses and Daniel have actually been communicating with the Ancient Astronauts, only mistaking them for God? What I didn't realize was that upon reading this book, I would be introduced to a concept of God and Jesus that I had never known before. Lindsey handled and presented the things of the Bible in a startling, factual way, and suddenly my paradigm of the world was changing again. By the time I finished the book, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and my life has never been the same since.

Fast forward, twenty years into the future, and here I am still in love with the things of science and science fiction, but also knowing I found the source of the "what more" -- Jesus. So endulge me a bit more, and let me tell you a little about Him, and why knowing Him is important to you also. Click here...


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