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Site Update History
2/07/06PHP'd my Comment form so #*&*# spiders don't steal my email address and spam me anymore
1/07/05Updated My Backyard Music, Books, and PC sections; repaired various links
7/17/01Added Microsoft-Free Fridays! feature to entire site (updated pages 9/2/01)
2/15/01Added book reviews to the Heinlein site
8/31/00Added "YES - Progressive Rock's Finest" to OQ website
2/13/00Added critical dialogue page for "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" on the Heinlein site
11/29/99Added story "The Changing of a Changeling" to the Original Stories site
10/21/99Added book review "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" to the Heinlein site
9/26/99Corrected HTML on 'Jesus' page and added 'Christianity & Works' page
7/19/99Added book review "Podkayne of Mars" to the Heinlein site
6/15/99Added book review "The Puppet Masters" to the Heinlein site
6/14/99Created forwarding pages in the root to accomodate old search engine links activated prior to my making sub-directories
5/14/99Added "Original Stories..." sub-site; created text version of OQ Home Page; updated links on appropriate pages
3/6/99Added book review "Rocket Ship Galileo" and Book Ratings pages to Heinlein site
2/4/99Added four new books to Heinlein site: Beyond This Horizon, Red Planet, Revolt in 2100, and Glory Road
1/14/99Modified link schema in the left sidebar of my Heinlein (RAH) pages
11/5/98Removed LinkExchange banner from homepage
10/10/98Added 'Best of Trek: TNG' graphics and text pages
9/30/98Finished moving pages and pics to respective subdirectories
7/22/98Heinlein site: Added book review pages for "Between Planets" and "The Rolling Stones"; also added links to book reviews
Microsoft page: Added link for "The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites"
7/20/98Re-vamped the Heinlein site
7/13/98Added 2 new bullets to the Microsoft page
5/23/98Added "Personal thoughts..." section to the Microsoft page
4/25/98Added "6xH" and "Starman Jones" book reviews to the Heinlein page;
Added book rating to the Heinlein page;
Added "My PC" page to My Backyard;
Added Netmind URL-Minder section to Heinlein, Microsoft, and My Backyard... pages
3/21/98Installed "My Backyard..." Books page and "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" to the Heinlein page
3/19/98Added new bullet to the "Microsoft & The Internet Community" page
2/27/98Installed "My Backyard..." Music: Rock page and updated Music page
2/21/98Installed "My Backyard..." with Index, Music, and Picture pages
2/16/98Installed the 2nd Edition of Beginner's Guide to Star Trek
2/10/98Added two new bullets to the "Microsoft & The Internet Community" page
2/2/98Added GOOD NEWS UPDATE to MSN/Star Trek Continuum bullet of the "Microsoft & The Internet Community" page
1/22/98Added "Rah'dan - The Works of Robert A. Heinlein" page
1/9/98Added GeoGuide to web pages; added Omega Quadrant GIF header; made the footers uniform; made the GIFs transparent
12/9/97Added "Eyes Hurt!" button in the Index section of "Beginner's Guide to Star Trek" to enable users to get an un-colorized version of the page. Subsequently, uploaded begu2.html as the un-colorized version.
12/9/97Uploaded this page (update.html) to the web site. Also added SITE UPDATES link to this page on my Site Navigator line on each page.

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